2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle"

Aired Feb 01, 2006

Cultural References

LeBron James (People)

"You are about to implicate the basketball phenom of the decade, the second coming of LeBron James, in a hit-and-run."

This basketball star bypassed college hoops, going straight from high school to the NBA. Veronica thinks Wallace is much too calm and tries to make him really nervous before his upcoming interview with a newspaper reporter.

Who's Who bio: LeBron James
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Those Who Trespass (Literature)
Bad Company (Music)

"I got me a book and a Bad Company album. Take all the time you need."

The thriller by conservative talk show host Bill O'Reilly is a sordid tale of murder, lust, and betrayal. Keith uses a hollowed copy of the book to hide the interrogation tapes he steals from the sheriff's department, hoping to hear sordid details about the murder, betrayal, and possibly lust that surrounded the bus crash.

The prolific rock and roll musicians Bad Company have been around since the '70s, back when Keith was cool. While infiltrating the sheriff's department's security system, does Keith pretend to listen to their self-titled debut album from 1974, or is 2002's "Merchants of Cool" more his style? Both titles are perfect descriptions of this cool badass.

Who's Who bio: Bill O'Reilly
Who's Who bio: Bad Company
Buzz Aldrin (People)

"Liam Fitzpatrick? If that guy's a priest, then I'm Buzz Aldrin."

This US space shuttle astronaut piloted the Apollo 11 in 1969 and was the second man to set foot on the moon. Weevil informs Molly Fitzpatrick that a) he wasn't alive in 1969, b) he's not an astronaut, and c) he doesn't think Molly's hoodlum uncle is a priest. Either Weevil is right about Liam, or he's the hottest-looking 76-year-old ever.

Who's Who bio: Buzz Aldrin
Steve McQueen (People)

"Cool? Um, are we thinking of the same word? Because I don't remember, say, Steve McQueen ever hitting a homeless man in his Hummer and framing someone else for it."

As his Who's Who bio describes, Steve McQueen was the King of Cool. In real life, this actor raced cars and rode motorcycles, but there's no record of him ever driving a Hummer. However, he did drive tanks in the U.S. Marines Corps, which means he theoretically could have hit a homeless man and might have been part of huge government cover-up that was revealed when an obsessed Veronica Mars fan investigated Veronica's statement to Wallace. Uh...we like Veronica's theory better.

Who's Who bio: Steve McQueen
Booster dinner (Events)

"Those boobs named Tracy James that went to Neptune and are now a Bruin cheerleader. She says our best bet is the Booster dinner."

A Booster dinner is a late night meal for Booster club members. Need more? A Booster club is an organization, usually on a university campus, that financially supports a club or sports team. It often consists of parents of the club or team members, and a formal dinner with prospective students is a popular fundraiser. Veronica shares the busty cheerleader's information with her bosom buddy Wallace and hopes to track down the boob who's trying to ruin his life.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Movies, Plays)

"Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum Suites."

The 1960s musical, which was later made into a movie, has nothing to do with Veronica and Wallace's botched attempt to bring Rashard Rucker to the Forum Suites Hotel. But she sure is witty, that Veronica Mars. Gotta love her.

White Castle (Places)

"The night of the accident, like five minutes before, we hit White Castle. The drive-through."

For some people, usually cash-strapped high school and college students, White Castle's small, square hamburgers are the epitome of fine dining. Never mind that they're about 50% onion and 50%...meat. Wallace hopes his evening of heatburn and stinky burps will exonerate him from the hit-and-run charge.

Britt (People)

"Next up, Britt."

"Britt" just happens to the name of the lead singer of Spoon, an Austin, Texas band whose sound has been described as a "punk-pop hybrid." Veronica serves this Britt, who looks a lot like the Britt, a cup of coffee at Java the Hut, and he promises her his first-born child. Or, he sings a cute little ditty called "Veronica" during Karaoke Hour. Take your pick.

Who's Who bio: Britt
Rats in hot dogs (Religion, Folklore, and Urban Legends)

"I had a thought about the rat."
"Hmm...that you could make his lips and feet into hot dogs? I think somebody beat you to that one."

Urban legends about rat hairs, rat feet, rat lips? Didn't know rats had lips. There's even one that claims whole rats occasionally fall into the cooking vats where hot dog ingredients are being mixed and eventually become part of the wiener. These theories are gross beyond belief but are surprisingly believable. Does anyone know, or want to know, what really goes into hot dogs? Veronica gives Keith a good reason to go vegetarian.

L for Loser (Things)

Dick can't help but take a jab at Weevil when he's down on his luck: dethroned from the PCH gang, motorcycle at the bottom of the ocean, and forced to ride the school bus. But Dick's not man enough to do the Loser sign in Weevil's face. It's way more fun to act like an 8-year-old, which isn't much of a stretch for Little Dick Casablancas.

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