3.01 "Welcome Wagon"

Aired Oct 03, 2006


Oh ho, the Hearst Welcome Wagon is a-gonna steal your stuff,
Oh please let it pass me by.

Well, Veronica's gone to college, and everything is just fine and dandy. Except for those date rapes, which are still going on. And the fact that Wallace's new roommate, Piz, got all his stuff stolen by the "Hearst Welcome Wagon." And that Keith is trapped in the middle of the desert with Cormac Fitzpatrick, who celebrated his early release from prison by gunning down his former flame Kendall. And Dick...well, let's not even mention Dick. However, Veronica (with the help of Wallace and Mac) is able to get Piz's stuff back and shine a little light into the new college setting, just in time for Mac's roommate, Parker, to become the next rape victim.


Important Parts

  • Veronica has started college at Hearst. Wallace, Mac, Logan, and Dick also attend.

  • Logan and Veronica are still dating. Dick is a mess and is not speaking to Logan, but Logan is loyal to him. Dick tells Mac that Beaver never liked her. Mac is hurt by his comment.

  • Wallace's roommate, Piz, had everything he brought to school stolen. Veronica helps him recover everything. Piz also seems to have a crush on Veronica.

  • There was another victim of the rapist who shaves girls' heads. The latest victim held a rally to get the administration to do something.

  • Mac's roommate, Parker, is friendly, if a bit ditzy. Unfortunately, she is raped and her head is shaved.

  • Dick tells Logan that he really messed up and starts to cry. Logan doesn't hold a grudge and tries to comfort Dick.

  • Keith stood up Veronica for their New York trip in order to help Kendall. He joined Veronica in NYC later and bought her a car to make up for the delay.

  • Keith has helped Kendall run away and hide out in the desert. Liam is looking for her. He picks up Liam's brother Cormac from jail and takes him to meet Kendall. Cormac kills Kendall and shoots Keith. Keith gets away, but is wounded and stranded.


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