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Richard Nixon (People)

"There's a bad guy coming through! ... Now, what you're gonna do is you're gonna give me everything you got. I want the watches, the jewelry, the wallets, everything. And I want you to put it all in Tricky Dick's bag, right over here. Move!"

Richard Nixon was the 37th President (1969-1974) and the only president to resign from office. He is notable for, among other things, being the only person to be elected twice both as vice president (under Dwight Eisenhower) and as president. This says something rather depressing about the American people who voted for him, as he would have been impeached for doing some thoroughly underhanded, illegal, and unethical things if he hadn't resigned first. The press gave him the nickname "Tricky Dick" as he tried to weasel his way out of the scandal, but to no avail. One is not surprised a robber would use his mask to hide behind — who better?

3.05 "President Evil"

"Will bowling take my mind off of the fact that everyone's out to get me?"
"It worked for Nixon. It will be fun."

Richard Nixon, the 37th President, was an avid bowler, and legend holds he once bowled a perfect game. It would have helped to distract him from the disaster that befell his presidency when it was revealed he was involved in the Watergate scandal. He was known for being paranoid (but turns out, people were out to get him!), so bowling probably helped distract him there, too.

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