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"I guess this is the money shot, right? I wanted proof; I got proof."

The "money shot" of a movie is the scene that cost the most money to produce (in terms of porn films, it's the, uh, climactic scene). Suspicious wife Harmony uses it here when she sees a photo of her husband kissing another woman, which was what she had hired Keith to discover. However, things were not all as they seemed.

3.04 "Charlie Don't Surf"

"No, never got a money shot. Uh, but I did catch him getting friendly in a parking lot with a very attractive married lady."

The term "money shot" has a bad reputation, most notably in the pornography business, for being a polite euphemism for something we cannot discuss on this family-friendly site. In the PI biz, however, it simply refers to the photographic evidence of the person or persons one is watching engaging in some sort of illicit congress. Of course, by "congress," we mean "knowing in the Biblical sense," and by that we mean "gettin' jiggy wit' it." So while Vinnie's "friendly" shot wasn't what Kathleen Barry was paying him to find, it was enough for Keith to find out all he needed to know about Coach Barry's after-hours affairs.

3.14 "Mars, Bars"
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