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How's tricks? (Words, Sayings, and Slogans)

"How's tricks?"
"Shrink asked if a lifetime without a libido was such a bad thing. I think she's given up on me."

The phrase is an equivalent of, "How's it going?" Or for hookers, "How's business?" It seems that business isn't going so well for Mac.

3.01 "Welcome Wagon"

"If it isn't the Man of La Mancha. How's tricks? Sorry. I mean "things." How are things?"

Man of La Mancha is the 1965 musical version of Miguel de Cervantes' classic Don Quixote, in which a man is so obsessed with the idea of gallantry that he battles a windmill in order to prove himself a deserving knight. Veronica sees Max's defense of and monetary assistance to a prostitute as similarly misguided. "How's tricks?" is a casual term meant to ask "what's up?", but use of the term "tricks," which can also describe how a hooker spends her time, might be more of a reminder than Max is ready for.

3.11 "Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves"

Cultural References