Cultural References

Saturday Night Live (TV)

"Oh, look, here you are stuffing cupcakes in your face at Magnolia Bakery!"

The reference to the Magnolia Bakery likely comes from the Saturday Night Live skit "Lazy Sunday," which featured two SNL cast members going around New York City rapping about The Chronicles of Narnia and cupcakes (among other things). Veronica undoubtedly saw it, and figured a trip to the Big Apple wouldn't be complete without sampling the famous cupcakes (which are quite good).

3.01 "Welcome Wagon"

"We're talking monkey, as in..."
"Touch my."

Before Shrek, Austin Powers, and even prior to Wayne's World coming to the big screen, one of Mike Myers' recurring Saturday Night Live characters was the anemic and asexual Dieter, host of the fictional German talk show Sprockets. Whenever Dieter became slightly uncomfortable, he would fill the awkward silence by asking his guest to "touch [his] monkey! Touch him!" While there was a skittish primate on the show, the argument can be made that this request contained some double entendre.

3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"

Cultural References