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Guys and Dolls (Plays)

"You're quite the actress yourself, aren't you Meg?"
"Uh, um."
"Uh, weren't you the lead in Guys and Dolls last spring?"

This long-running 1950 Broadway musical, which was later made into a movie, follows the lives of gamblers and petty criminals in New York City. Meg had the lead female role in Neptune High's production, but Lars's tongue-in-cheek question suggests that her acting skills extend beyond the stage.

1.08 "Like a Virgin"

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"Luck Be a Lady" (Music)

"Just give me a few more hours, there's a woman I can talk to, and luck might be a lady tonight."

Well, since Veronica isn't being much of a lady, what with calling Weevil "Dirty Sanchez," it's a good thing that there's something around that's got manners, even if it is a mercurial concept such as luck. Sky Masterson prays in song that his lady-luck behaves herself as the craps dice roll for souls in Guys and Dolls. Get the DVD. Marlon Brando sings!

2.17 "Plan B"

Cultural References