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MAD Magazine (Literature)

"Awwww, you still have a subscription to MAD Magazine."

Started by William Gaines (he of the infamous horror comics and the seduction of the innocent), MAD is a satirical humor magazine. Most of the magazine is aimed at adolescents, such as the movie satires where names like Luke are replaced with "funny" words like Puke. We much prefer Crack'd. Wallace, however, apparently likes Alfred E. Neuman and his big ears.

1.05 "You Think You Know Somebody"

"What, me worry?"

Alfred E. Neuman coined his now-famous phrase "What, me worry?" back in the July 1955 issue of Mad Magazine, a periodical famous for its childish articles and satirical lampoons. So it's no surprise when Dick, an avid magazine-picture-looker-at-er, spouts the catchphrase in response to Veronica (rather harshly) breaking the news that Logan slept with Madison, Dick's former flame. It was a nice try, but we're calling this reference lame, Dick.

3.12 "There's Got To Be A Morning After Pill"

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Spy vs. Spy (Literature)

"I'm lying. You know I'm lying. I don't want things to be like this between us anymore."
"Like what?"
"Like our own game of Spy vs. Spy."

This comic strip first appeared in MAD Magazine in 1961 and has been a popular feature ever since. The identical pointy-faced protagonists, distinguishable only by their garb of black or white, are the human Cold War equivalent of Tom and Jerry, each trying ingenious ways to kill the other and being foiled. Veronica and Keith hadn't quite got to the homicidal stage yet, but Veronica calls a halt to her working behind Keith's back for the time being, no doubt to avoid taking on triangular features.

1.06 "Return of the Kane"

Cultural References