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Brigadoon (Movies)

"Well maybe it's like Brigadoon. If you come back in a hundred years, it'll be right back in this spot."

This movie musical starring Gene Kelly is about two American tourists who stumble across a Scottish town which only appears every hundred years. Did Aaron force Logan to watch this film during some long lost part of his childhood or is Logan's movie knowledge so extensive that he can go from dry-heaving to making references to 1950s musicals? Who knows!

1.05 "You Think You Know Somebody"

"It wasn't locked."
"College campus, all your worldly possessions. Where are you from, Brigadoon?"

It's a fictional Scottish village from the 1947 musical "Brigadoon". In the story, this enchanted village and its inhabitants appear for only one day every hundred years. A real-life version of this place is Canada.

3.01 "Welcome Wagon"
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