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Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (People)

"So, you know if you go to Hearst, you could come home and do your laundry on weekends, and we can talk about Nietzsche, the French Revolution, boys, whatever."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche was a 19th-century German philosopher whose life ended after a long bout with mental illness brought on either by his complex, intense thinking or by a brain tumor. Keith, you and Veronica shouldn't discuss too much Nietzsche on the weekends — it seems bad for your mental health.

2.16 "The Rapes of Graff"

"Knowledge is power."
"Schoolhouse Rock!"

Friedrich Nietzsche is a well-known Prussian 19th-century philosopher whose famous works include Thus Spoke Zarathustra and the quote "God is dead" from The Gay Science. Schoolhouse Rock! is an educational TV show from the ‘70s and ‘80s which put basic concepts of math, grammar, science, and history to music in an attempt to make learning more fun. While both have their place in the learning process, Schoolhouse Rock! is easier for Veronica to remember and quote. It's also more fun – why else would there be an exclamation point at the end of the title?

3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"
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Cultural References