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Paris Hilton (People)

"You know what's going to happen, Veronica? I'm gonna end up a downloadable national joke. You know, right up there with Paris Hilton or that Star Wars kid. I-I'll be the video that everyone emails their friends."

Paris Hilton was a national joke even before 1 Night in Paris, a video of her having sex with then-boyfriend Rick Saloman, one of Shannen Doherty's ex-husbands, surfaced on the Internet. Seeing as there is no age restriction on, details will not be discussed. Consider yourself lucky. Known across the internet as the Star Wars kid, Canadian teenager Ghyslain Raza has the dubious distinction of being the star of a video showing a mock lightsaber training session with a golf-ball retriever, along with accompanying noises. After the video was posted on the Internet without his consent, creative cyber geeks soon edited in real lightsaber sound effects and graphics, leading to this video being downloaded literally millions of times. Raza and his parents have filed a lawsuit against the families of the kids who posted this video, said to have caused him emotional trauma because of the rather unflattering light in which he is portrayed.

1.20 "M.A.D."

"Did you watch House of Wax again? You know that Hilton girl gives you nightmares."

When Veronica has a nightmare, Keith asks her if she's been watching House of Wax; a 2005 remake of a 1950s film set in a waxworks museum. But is it the horror movie that scares Veronica or one of the stars of the movie – Paris Hilton? The socialite, reality show star, and owner of unfortunate show dogs once guest-starred on Veronica Mars and possibly didn't make herself too popular with the cast and crew. This is the second dig at the heiress the show has given us since in return.

2.18 "I Am God"
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