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Claim Jumper (Places)

"How lucky am I that I got Terrence Cook to sign that ball for me before he blew up my classmates. It's going to be worth so much more than that napkin O.J. signed for me at the Claim Jumper."

O.J. Simpson was a football hero who fell hard from grace after he was accused of murdering his estranged wife and her friend. Dick informs Jackie that the autograph from her baseball-legend father, an accused murderer, will be worth more than the autograph from an acquitted murderer football legend.

The Claim Jumper is a family restaurant franchise that has 37 locations throughout the United States. Based on California Gold Rush lore, a claim-jumper is a person who illegally seizes someone else's property (back then, a gold mine). O.J. wasn't a claim jumper, but he could be considered a police jumper since he took the Los Angeles Police Department on a high low-speed chase in his white Bronco.

2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"

Cultural References