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Michael Jackson (People)

"Webster rumored to be discovered in Neverland basement."

Okay, this is sort of complicated, although Veronica sums it up nicely when she refers to one of the other stories running in the tabloids the day the Trina's "death scare" tale breaks. Webster was a TV show in the early '80s which starred the diminutive Emmanuel Lewis, a Gary Coleman look-alike. The show ran for six years and, like Coleman, Lewis has found it pretty hard to find work since, there being few roles for those only 3'6". However, Lewis, known as Webster for his title role in the show, was also a great friend of singer Michael Jackson, who is more famous these days for the various allegations of child molestation that have been made against him from children who were invited to his home, Neverland. Jokes such as "How do you find out Michael Jackson's sperm count? Look it up in Webster's" abound in a world which assumes that any of Jackson's contacts with children are of the sexual variety. Veronica manages to summarize all that, plus answer a "where is he now?" question, in eight short words. God, these writers are good.

2.09 "My Mother, the Fiend"

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Moonwalk (Things)

"The '70s had the Hustle; the '80s, the Moonwalk; we have the faux-lesbian dance."

The Hustle was a popular disco dance in the '70s. It started as a line dance, was appropriated by a disco musician named Van McCoy into a song appropriately named "The Hustle," became a huge dance craze, and was made most famous by Saturday Night Fever. The Moonwalk, contrary to popular belief, was not invented by Michael Jackson. A version of the Moonwalk was performed as early as 1932 by Cab Calloway. Michael Jackson merely coined the name "Moonwalk," made it extremely popular, and acted really crazy. Wait, that last one's totally now.

3.02 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

Cultural References