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The Matrix (Movies)

"I believe Keanu Reeves said it best, when he said: Whoa!"

If Keanu Reeves' film career had to be summed up in one word, "Whoa!" would be it, though one might argue that "Dude!" would also do the trick. Far from being a praise of Reeves' work, it actually comes from a scene in the 1999 hit movie, The Matrix, where his character, Neo, sees Morpheus leap weightlessly from one skyscraper to another. However, unlike Morpheus, Lilly doesn't need a skyscraper to show off her gravity defying abilities, all she needs is an eye-popping, cleavage-enhancing, piss-mum-off dress.

1.04 "The Wrath of Con"

Your first girlfriend is brutally murdered, your second girlfriend cheats on you (and bears a striking resemblance to Paris Hilton), your mother plunges to her death, and your third girlfriend fancies you a murderer. It's been a rough few months for Logan Echolls, so no one is surprised when he winds up following his mother's footsteps and teetering on a bridge's ledge. With nothing to lose other than the obsessive devotion of a legion of fans outside the fourth wall, Logan gestures to a menacing Weevil in a way reminiscent of Laurence Fishburne (as Morpheus) in The Matrix, a 1999 movie that elevated cinematic fight scenes to an almost ridiculous standard.

1.22 "Leave It to Beaver"
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