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Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (People)

"Umm, who was that kissing you?"
"That was Jackie."

Look. Wallace says "Jackie." Veronica says "Oh." "Jackie" + "Oh" = Jackie O., as in First Lady to John F. Kennedy. Known for her pillbox hat and her savoir-faire, she had very little in common with Jackie Cook that we can tell. Maybe Veronica just really likes making references to First Ladies. Future conversations could go like this: "That was Martha."/"Wash." "That was Abigail."/"Ad." "That was Hillary."/"Clint." These kids and their new slang.

2.02 "Driver Ed"
Who's Who bio: Jackie Onassis

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Jackie Kennedy (People)

"He seems like a really great guy. Just a regular vegan JFK looking for his Mackie O."

John and Jackie Kennedy were icons of the early '60s, with a public persona more suited to actors and pop stars than to politicians. America's "Royal Couple," with two beautiful children, an iconic sense of style (hers), and the presidency of the United States (his), they had it all...until one of them was assassinated. The similarities are evident, with Bronson's leadership of PHAT and Mac's "Ask Me About My STD" t-shirt, and since this is Neptune, after all, who knows what tragic ending could befall this fairy tale.

3.10 "Show Me the Monkey"
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Cultural References