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Gone with the Wind (Movies)

"Then what am I supposed to do?"
"Frankly, my know the rest."

"Scarlet: Rhett ... if you go, where shall I go, what shall I do?
Rhett: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

From having one of the silliest lines in cinema history for a title, the episode redeems itself by Logan's use, almost word for word, of one of the most enduring lines of movie history as Rhett Butler finally rejects Scarlet O'Hara after a long and passionate courtship. Clark Gable was probably the only star who could get away with the risqué use of the word "damn" in 1939, and his popularity certainly didn't suffer. Scarlet picked herself up, dusted herself off, and declared that she would win him back as, after all, "tomorrow is another day." Kendall picked herself off, dusted herself off, and declared to Duncan that she was in need of a naked back-scratch.

2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"

Cultural References