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Martha Stewart (People)

"Happy birthday, Madison. Thanks for being such a gracious host. Martha Stewart has nothing on you."

Martha Stewart, the doyenne of doilies, the queen of quince, the countess of cookery, is famous for her skills as a housekeeper and host (and also for spending some time in jail as a result of insider trading. So classy.). Veronica uses super-subtle sarcasm to insult Madison's nonexistent hostess skills.

1.11 "Silence of the Lamb"

"Yo, Martha. I heard you took a ride downtown behind the 187."

Fortunately, Veronica never had to choose between lying to the Grand Jury and confessing to insider stock trading, a choice Martha Stewart had to make in 2004. Unfortunately for Martha, both choices could — and did — land her in federal prison. Veronica manages to avoid doing jail time behind Curly's 187, police code for homicide. Too bad Weevil doesn't have high hopes for her future.

2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"

"And the other sweet thing is I'm in constant video contact with Martha Stewart, right?"

Martha Stewart is the Queen of the World! Actually, she's just the host of Martha, but she's also famous for her participation in and eventual jailing for a stock market scandal. Hey, she stayed at a Club Fed! It all comes full circle with this show.

2.06 "Rat Saw God"
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