Cultural References

Johnny Carson (People)

"Yes, the answer is: Danny Cleaver's bag and all my time this weekend... What are two things you didn't mean to take, but did?"

Nac and Son.

Nac and Son?

What syllables could you add to "Car-" to explain this cultural reference?

Carnac the Magnificent was a popular character of Johnny Carson's on The Tonight Show (yeah, it wasn't always hosted by Jay Leno). Putting a sealed envelope up to his gigantic turban, the psychic would deduce the answer to the question hidden inside. By giving the answer first, he created all sorts of expectations as to what the question could be, only to dash them with a corny pun or topical ribbing. This is comedy, folks! It's no wonder Veronica steals his schtick when she gets the opportunity to hold something up to her head.

3.17 "Debasement Tapes"

Cultural References