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"Oh, and, um, he was out of Xanax. I had to call in the prescription."

Apparently Dean O'Dell's Xanax gets around even faster than Madison Sinclair...and you don't have to call it back in the morning! The dean and Mindy both popped the potent prescription sedative, said to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, after the secretary, Cora, renewed Cyrus' prescription. Would you trust your steno-toting typist with your sensitive medical information? It doesn't matter to the O'Dells, just as long as they can stick it to Nancy Reagan. Just say "yes," Cyrus.

3.14 "Mars, Bars"

"Toxicology reports show that your husband had a large dose of Xanax in his system."

Mmm, benzodiazepines... Used to treat panic attacks, anxiety disorders, or depression, the generic name of the drug is Alprazolam, and it is marketed under the name Xanax by Pfizer. Dean O'Dell had a prescription for Xanax, but he had run out of it the day he was killed, causing Keith Sheriff Mars to wonder why he had it in his system when he died.

3.15 "Papa's Cabin"
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