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Kama Sutra (Literature)

"Whoa. Ah, look. 'The Kama Sutra, plate number 11...Congress of the Cow.'"

The Kama Sutra, in addition to being one of the most well-known reference books for new and fun positions in the art of sex, also includes handy references on how to seduce a woman, how to make her your wife, and how to seduce...another man's wife. Logan knows at least some of the positions by heart, quickly correcting Parker when she starts to demonstrate Congress of the Cow incorrectly. It must be noted, however, that to perform this position as it was originally described by Vatsayayana, the book's author, the lady should be on all fours with the gentleman — you know, never mind. Let's just say that, even though Logan may be ready to go pro in this sport, he still needs to hit the books.

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Cultural References