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My Little Pony (Sports, Games and Toys)

My Little Pony was a cultural icon of the '80s, with both the TV show and the toys of these brightly colored ponies with brushable hair and identifying marks on their flanks reaching huge levels of popularity. Sweet and pretty, every little girl had a collection of ponies because who doesn't like sparkles and rainbows and bright colors? On the other side of the spectrum, Thug Life came along a decade or so later, a rap group consisting of Tupac Shakur, Big Skye, Macadoshus, Mopreme, and Rated R. Only one album was ever released, partly due to ongoing conflicts with the record label over the record's content, and partly due to the fact that Tupac was killed, forcing the group to disband. Veronica's temporary tattoo goes for the irony of a sweet, innocent icon of childhood, surrounded by the name of a group of the toughest, baddest rappers in the music industry. There's a metaphor in there somewhere, I'm sure. You figure it out.

3.14 "Mars, Bars"

"NYU, Dean's office. Johnny dropping out and Desmond expelled. Formed My Pretty Pony the next day."

Only the most collectible toy of the 1980s! The name says it all: they were little, they were ponies, and they were yours. Because you could brush their manes and tails! They came in an assortment of colors and bore little marks to distinguish them. Don't they sound exciting? It's only natural, then, to give your rock band with such hits as "You Break Me" and "Jesus Saves, But Where Does He Shop?" a name that calls up such girly associations. Here's some trivia: My Little Pony was actually based on a larger model called...My Pretty Pony! Here's some more trivia: My Pretty Pony sound exactly like power pop Austinites Cotton Mather. No, really, exactly.

3.17 "Debasement Tapes"

Cultural References