Mrs. Deborah Philipina Hauser

"I am a working single mother, Veronica. The last thing I need is a babysitter. I need a clone."

Dossier: Deborah Philipina Drummond

09/26/79: Found guilty with Lianne Reynolds of spreading false and malicious rumors about another student and sentenced to a three-day suspension.

10/13/79: Nurse's report: treatment for chlamydia.

11/05/79-11/10/79: Period of three-day suspension.

12/12/79: Gave evidence at inquiry into poor mathematical skills amongst staff at Neptune High School.

04/14/80: Named in allegations regarding the postponement/withdrawal of punishments in exchange for sexual favors. No evidence found.


08/01/92: Deborah Philipina Hauser née Drummond employed as Health Teacher at Neptune High School.


07/22/97: Birth certificate attached for Albert Agamemnon Hauser.


06/24/05: See "Profile of Paul Hauser: Coming Out of the Closet."

10/09/05: Internal inquiry into sex education lessons. Mrs. Ms. Hauser was advised to expand the content beyond abstinence to match current syllabus.

11/20/05: Neptune Register society page extract, p. 12: "...Guests were entertained by the vicious bidding war that erupted between high school teacher Debra Hawser [sic] and local cable star for a date with Deputy Sacks, a battle that ended in the teacher's victory with a bid that caused gasps around the room. Madame Sophie, not to be outdone, cursed Ms. Hawser, swearing that the sins of the past would be revisited upon her..."


02/14/06: Extract from letter from Principal Clemmons to School Board President, Jessica Fuller: "As you will understand from the enclosed report, Deborah Hauser is no longer fit to teach at Neptune High. I will leave it to the board's discretion as to whether or not we should involve the sheriff's department...finish the year teaching the Health syllabus. I have met a charming parent who may be interested in volunteering as a temporary replacement. She takes a keen interest in the life education of our young men and women. Have you met Kendall Casablancas?

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Kari Coleman plays Mrs. Deborah Philipina Hauser.

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