Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco

"I've got something on you...mmpf....mmpf..."

What's in a name? That which we call a Dick...oh, wait, wrong character. That which we call a rabbit by any other name would still be slaughtered and skinned, if it got too close to really dangerous people. Eduardo Orozco, who had such a cute nickname, thought he could easily steal the throne away from his gang leader Weevil. He had everything at the ready: An Eli isolated and reeling after his best friend and first lieutenant had apparently been murdered by despised 09er Logan Echolls, and a rival gang willing to incorporate the PCHers in their drug trade. Soon the opportunity to overthrow Weevil presented itself and Thumper took it, convinced an incriminating video showing Eli viciously beating up a man who later turned up dead would be enough to keep his predecessor in check.

Weevil, however, now convinced that Thumper was the one who had ruthlessly murdered Felix, plotted for revenge, first seeking to frame him for stealing the money for the senior year trip, and then trying to get him indicted for the murder with Veronica's help. Even though they managed to draw sufficient suspicion to Thumper and Liam Fitzpatrick being the ones behind Felix's death, the sheriff initially refused to investigate the matter further, leading the impatient Weevil to a fateful decision. He framed Thumper again, this time for double-crossing his drug dealing partners, and the Fitzpatricks proved far less merciful than Van Clemmons. Chained to a stall in one of the Shark Field stadium's bathrooms, the last thing poor Thumper heard were the explosions signalling the beginning of it's demolition.

Sometimes playing with the big guns can be such a crushing experience. Especially if you forget to mention any blackmail material you have on them before it's too late.

If justice has been illegally served remains to be seen, as we still don't know if Thumper really killed Felix. Why was his bike, which the man who witnessed the murder had identified as that of the killer, buried with him? And where is his phone record of Curly's beating?

Rest in peace, Thumper, stupid little bunny. Tell Bambi's mother we said hello.

Bio as of 2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks"
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James Molina plays Eduardo "Thumper" Orozco.

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