Dr. Tom Griffith

"A prominent, well-respected cokehead doctor."

The situation between Dr. Griffith, alleged witness to the murder of Felix Toombs, and Logan Echolls, alleged perpetrator of that crime, is heating up indeed. After discovering Griffith's dubious connections to Neptune's seedy underbelly with the help of Veronica, Logan becomes involved with his daughter Hannah, possibly using her to put pressure on the plastic surgeon. Griffith tries to end the relationship by repeating his accusations to her, but his plan backfires when Logan manages to kindle some doubt about her father's true intentions.
After discovering some interesting phone contacts and a suspiciously sloppy hidden stash of drugs, Hannah is inclined to believe her new boyfriend over her father, becoming yet another Neptune child at odds with her paternal unit.

Griffith, however, might be slightly better at coming through for his kid than other well-respected Neptunians. After receiving an email from Hannah's mother voicing her concern that Hannah might sleep with Logan — which was actually written by the devious boy himself— he agrees to withdraw his testimony, provided Logan leaves his daughter alone. Unfortunately, his gesture of peace may come too late...

Bio as of 2.15 "The Quick and the Wed"
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Rick Peters plays Dr. Tom Griffith.

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