Cora Briggs

"Oh, yeah. I so did not want you to see that."

"Isn't this—"

"The Oh Boy-o Pollo Chicken. Yep. You know, if anyone finds out about this, I'm afraid I'll have to kill you."

"If I tell anyone, I won't blame you."

Like many girls at Neptune High, Cora loves shopping and gossipping, but unlike, say, Madison Sinclair, she actually has to work hard for the things she craves most. She quickly becomes Jackie Cook's girl pal, and since this doesn't change after Jackie's father has been implicated in the bus crash, it seems clear that her sweetness and friendliness are genuine — unlike, say, Madison's. And really, can't you just imagine how cute she must look in that chicken costume?

Bio as of 2.13 "Ain't No Magic Mountain High Enough"
All bios: 2.13 2.05

Dana Davis plays Cora Briggs.

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