Michelle Thompson

"You know, if I raise enough, I might be able to get one of those audio chips, like the kind that play 'Happy Birthday' when you open the card...wouldn't it be great to hear them laughing and happy?"

Her flirtation with the occult and regret at failing to share in her friend's moment of death when Rhonda called her from the doomed bus has made Michelle wide-eyed in the bushes crazy. She is on a mission to collect the funds to give each bus crash victim his or her own page in the yearbook, and she pursues it with the fervor of the deranged. Why else would she get so persnickety when Veronica Mars quite reasonably sabotages her pictorial display of the victims to make up her files?

Bio as of 2.18 "I Am God"
All bios: 2.18 2.05

Samantha Klein plays Michelle Thompson.

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