Liam Fitzpatrick

"Liam. Don't do this. Please. I have a daughter."

"We've met. Sweet girl. I'll keep an eye on her when you're gone."

Yikes! What a scary bastard!

Liam Fitzpatrick represents everything you could wish for in a drug-dealing crime lord and menacing thug-for-hire: he is vicious and brutal, mean to relatives and underlings alike, yet surprisingly courteous to his employees. His generally more than slightly psychotic behavior makes you wonder if he really only deals with crystal meth, while his cheerful readiness to shoot former sheriff Keith Mars speaks for a healthy relationship with all kinds of law enforcement. He does not take kindly to being deceived and his punishments can be as explosive as his temper, so we can only hope that he never finds out how deviously Weevil played him. At least he is kinda hot — but sorry, ladies, he is taken.

Bio as of 2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks"
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Rod Rowland plays Liam Fitzpatrick.

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