Samuel Nelson Pope

"As for myself, uh, at the end of this year, I'll hang up my stock market spurs, buy some cozy T-bills, and, literally, sail off into the sunset."

It's hard to be cooler than Mr. Wu, but Mr. Pope gives it his all. Unlike our favorite soup-can-phone-loving teacher, Mr. Pope has a first and middle name. He's also quite possibly the last decent man in Neptune not named Keith Mars. When Veronica tells him his early retirement plan is about to go kaput due to Big Dick Casablancas's real estate fraud, he chooses to take the loss himself rather than stick some other poor sucker with the consequences. Morals? Ethics? Are we still in Neptune? It is a wacky town indeed where someone who wears as much eyeliner as Beaver can be winning Mr. Pope's Future Business Leaders of America stock market game.

Bio as of 2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"
All bios: 2.07 2.03

Michael Kostroff plays Samuel Nelson Pope.

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