Nathan Woods

"Your old lady took something of mine - I'm not leaving 'til I get it back."

A man of mystery: his name is Nathan Woods, yet he is also known as Carl Morgan. As the former, he is a decorated Chicago cop, yet as the latter, he is wanted for drug-dealing and armed robbery. Alicia Fennel claims that he is untrustworthy and turned dangerous during his stint as an undercover cop — and his generally devious behavior seems to prove it — yet Nathan says all he wants is to finally get close to his son Wallace, who until now believed his biological father was Hank Fennel.

Are Nathan's intentions genuine? Has he really changed?

At least living with him didn't seem to be so bad for Wallace: Though he has returned to Neptune due to some troublesome events, he still talks to Nathan and seems to trust him, while Nathan on the other hand readily busts unwilling witnesses to help him out.

But still there is more than a hint of shadiness in his behavior: what kind of cop tells his son to keep quiet about a hushed up hit-and-run incident?

Bio as of 2.12 "Rashard & Wallace Go To White Castle"
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Cress Williams plays Nathan Woods.

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