Carmen Ruiz

"I'm gonna end up a downloadable national joke. You know, right up there with Paris Hilton or that Star Wars kid. I-I'll be the video that everyone emails their friends, you know, just google Popsicle girl and there I'll be for the rest of human history."

She's a Neptune High student with really bad judgement when it comes to boyfriends. Despite piquing the interest of the lovely Eli "Weevil" Navarro in their youth, she dated jerkish Tad for two years. She attempted to break up with him because he was off to spend the next eight years in gay heaven the Academy/the Navy. She had no inkling of his true nature until he tried to blackmail her into staying with him using footage of her doing naughty things she couldn't even remember doing. Tad spiked her drink with GHB and filmed the result. Sadly, even Veronica couldn't stop Tad from posting the display on the world wide web, and Carmen joined the Internet Hall of Infamy with her hot tub/popsicle routine.

Luckily, it was as fleeting as fame oft' is, for pleasuring inanimate objects is so 2005, and Carmen is sanguine. Now she lives life happily as a coconut — what you get called in Neptune when you're Latino and date white people or join Honor Society, like Twinkies and Oreos, brown on the outside get the rest.

Sweetie? We'd add lime and eat you all up any day. And honey? Call Weevs.

Bio as of 2.14 "Versatile Toppings"
All bios: 2.14 1.20

Natalia Baron plays Carmen Ruiz.

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