Lizzie Manning

"Who would want to sully the reputation of the nicest girl in school? ... Lizzie, the oversexed, overlooked little sister?"

She was once the slutty sister of Meg. She didn't like her sister, but she loved her. Thus genetics ensured she had the same heart of gold. She sashayed and shook her bootie a lot at Neptune High until...

Something happened. Something worse than waking up in the cabin of the swim coach at summer camp. Something that led to her being sent to a strict school where hair and makeup aren't allowed. Well, actually, hair is allowed, but only if it's flat, contained, and peroxide-free. Lizzie's still looking after her sister, even though Meg is comatose, and she brings Meg's laptop to Duncan to erase anything incriminating. So incriminating that Lizzie thinks the old folks would pull the plug on her older, fairer sister.

Bio as of 2.04 "Green-Eyed Monster"
All bios: 2.04 1.08

Anastasia Baranova plays Lizzie Manning.

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