Gia Goodman

"Okay, just so everyone knows, I don't always dress like this. I didn't know if you guys were doing, like, relaxed beachy, or the West-Coast-wannabe-East-Coast urban, so FYI, it's not a statement. I'm just doing the new-school-blend-in thing."

Gia is the new girl in town, kind of like Rebecca Locke on The Inside but without all that violent crime. Although she did witness a whole busload of kids go off a cliff. It was a sad day for Gia, who was really trying hard to make new friends at Neptune High after being transferred from Country Day by her dad, who just happens to be the Mayor of Neptune now. Or county supervisor. Whatever they're calling it these days.

She's planning on taking a cue from the Bush twins and engaging in all kinds of scandalous behavior, like hitting on...Dick? You're hitting on DICK FREAKIN' CASABLANCAS? Oh, Gia. I had such high hopes for you.

Bio as of 2.06 "Rat Saw God"
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Krysten Ritter plays Gia Goodman.

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