Gia Goodman

"Okay, just so everyone knows, I don't always dress like this. I didn't know if you guys were doing, like, relaxed beachy, or the West-Coast-wannabe-East-Coast urban, so FYI, it's not a statement. I'm just doing the new-school-blend-in thing."

Daughter of Sharks owner and mayoral candidate Woody Goodman. Her favorite class at Country Day was newspaper, but at Neptune High, she seems more interested in fashion. Quick to point out that she's not making a statement, Gia dresses in an amalgam of styles designed to help her blend into her new school. Her outfit gets her at least one new friend. Will her blooming flower avoid Dick's stamen?

Bio as of 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword"
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Krysten Ritter plays Gia Goodman.

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