Coach Preppernau

"Yeah...uh...In real life, I'm actually a gym teacher."

Hey, it's that guy! He's the computer teacher. Oh, wait, no, he's not, he's the gym teacher. Oh bugger, that's not right either because there he is, being the basketball coach. Is Neptune High School so strapped for cash? In a school where Clemmons can teach history, Mr. I-didn't-have-a-name-until-my-sixth-appearance-halfway-through-the-second-season goes that little bit further, being both jack-of-all-trades and he-man. Well, at least that seemed to be the role he keeps playing when he breaks up fights between Logan and Weevil. We thought he might get a full-time job, since it looked like that was just going to get tougher and tougher to do, but that was before the boys kissed and made up. (What do you mean, you missed that scene?) Will the coach mourn those halcyon days when he had to gather a writhing Logan up in his arms and hold him tight, exposing the lad's bare stomach and...I'll be in my bunk.

My focus? Nothing wrong with it.

Oh, and writers? Thank you for giving the man a bloody name!

Bio as of 2.11 "Donut Run"
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Carl Bresk plays Coach Preppernau.

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