Felix Toombs

"Oh, son! You don't know what you just did!"

Oh, Felix. Were those your last words? If so, ouch...kind of ironic.

Sparking off a storm of controversy in Neptune, Felix was killed by someone the same night that Aaron Echolls was arrested for murdering Lilly. The fact that Felix was in the process of beating the crap out of Logan Echolls when he was killed is some kind of clue, right? Anyone else think he'll be running around all green-tinged and bloody in Weevil's mind, asking Weevil to solve his murder? Anyone?

Enough about his death; what about his life? Sadly, we didn't know enough about Felix to merit him secondary-character status until after his death. He was Weevil's own version of Backup, he had seen the business end of a taser at least once, and he made a hobby of collecting "Welcome to Neptune" signs; at least, he did until he got narced on for it. He was also quick to drop his trousers, and his sister loved O-Town. What was not to love?


-funky-donut, wyk
Bio as of 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword"
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Brad Bufanda plays Felix Toombs.

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