Hector Cortez

"People are saying stuff, man. I mean, my little brother, the other day, asked me if it's true that P.C.H. stands for Panty Club for Homos. Yeah, heard it at school."

Hector Cortez has the strangest of laughs.
It's like a hyena that's spotted the calves
And then licks its lips in hungry delight
As it readies itself for the oncoming fight.
Now, Hector himself is a leather-clad biker
Who told Logan Echolls: his mom, he did like her.
It wasn't the best time and Logan was pissed,
The two of them fought hard with shoulder and fist.
At Encore of Neptune, he made a faux pas.
White after Labor Day? Way too bourgeois.
What use could he have for a calendar girl?
When Weevil's got lashes so lush that they curl.
He often does things that skirt 'round all legality
And had some concerns about PCH sexuality.

And let it be said that those fears were well-founded
There would come a time when the bikers were pounded.
For their leader they ditched, believing him weak
And Hector not least of the critics to seek
A changed status quo and the riches on offer
By working for crime lords, as Thumper did proffer.
But grass, it was greener from the other side
And pushing their drugs proved a troublesome ride.
So Hector he swallowed his pride, he could fix
The mess they'd become at the hands of Fitzpatricks.
He crawled back to Weevil who found them a paddle
It proved to be useful in loosing the saddle.
The PCH bike club, free agents once more
Will Hector now rise to the top of the corps?

Bio as of 2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks"
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Patrick Wolff plays Hector Cortez.

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