Shelly Pomroy

Once Rob Thomas actually gives Shelly a line, we'll give her a quote.

Veronica was drugged and raped at an 09er party at Shelly's house. Her dad served as ambassador to Belgium. I know, not exactly the most interesting bio, but what do you expect from a character who has yet to utter a single word?

We don't know the name of the actress who plays Shelly Pomroy. She might have appeared in 1.01 "Pilot," 1.02 "Credit Where Credit's Due," 1.03 "Meet John Smith," 1.06 "Return of the Kane," 1.10 "An Echolls Family Christmas," and 1.15 "Ruskie Business," but it's kinda hard to tell because she's just a background extra.

Shelly Pomroy (aka Shelly 2.0)

[moan, giggle]

Forget about Veronica, the real victim of Shelly's party was Shelly Pomroy. Poor thing was so traumatized by the events of that night that she changed her hair color, hair style, build, and face in the second set of flashbacks.

Bio as of 1.21 "A Trip to the Dentist"
All bios: 2.20 2.01 1.21 1.01

Several actors play Shelly Pomroy

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