Sean Friedrich

"Ah, he's a crafty little bugger."

Craft·y adj. Skilled in or marked by underhandedness, deviousness, or deception. As in the sentence, "Bringing wide-mouthed beer to a poker party in order to steal the $5000 cash roll was crafty." Or, "When previous scam on classmates is exposed, the crafty young man will change his clothes (dorky khakis to cool-kid jeans), grow out his hair (lame preppy cut to wild-boy floppy hair), and change his hobbies (get-rich-by-scamming-friends to get-rich-by-selling-drugs)."

Lit·tle adj. 1. Lowest in importance or rank. 2. Physically small. 3. Petty, base, mean. All three senses can work in the sentence, "The butler's arrogant son who sells drugs shows little common decency to his peers."

Bug·ger n. 1. Slang. A contemptible or disreputable person. As in the sentence, "Only a real bugger would set up an unconscious girl to break the cherry of his friend's little brother." 2. A sodomite. As in the sentence, "Dick and Sean, what a pair of buggers."

Sean Friedrich: Crafty sexy little hottie bugger. yum!

-funky-donut, Inigo
Bio as of 2.11 "Donut Run"
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Kevin Sheridan plays Sean Friedrich.

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