Madison Sinclair

"You dated Dick?"
"Yeah, for like, ever."

Madison is the Sinclair family tragedy. As an 09er, she shares their sense of entitlement and tries to fix the school election to favor the club. As something of a blonde bimbo, she unpleasantly lords it over her brighter, darker-haired younger sibling. That she was switched at birth with Mac makes the Mackenzies one of the luckiest families in Neptune.

She used to date Dick Casablancas, which proves that money and good taste don't always go hand in hand. But Madison is no prize herself — she spits in the drinks of people she doesn't like, and she likes to write "slut" on cars because "whore" has too many letters. Too many for her to spell correctly, perhaps?

This season, Madison is obsessed with the size of her butt, and she likes white-trash tribal armbands. She and Gia are poised for a catfight over Dick... Dick Casablancas? Neptune really is a strange place.

Bio as of 2.07 "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner"
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Amanda Noret plays Madison Sinclair.

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