Casey Gant

"Have you forgotten who you're talking to? I'm Casey Gant, okay? I wrote the jackass Bible, the jackass Koran, the jackass Talmud."

09er and Social Distortion fan who wasn't an asshole for one brief shining moment when he became a Moon Collective hippie. But his parents didn't fancy his $80 million inheritance wasted on love, peace, understanding, and poinsettias and so had him deprogrammed. Neptune reclaims one of its own.

Judging from his own account, he behaved very gentlemanly, when a drunken Veronica was thrown at him by Dick Casablancas at Shelly Pomroy's fateful party, but memory is arguably a tricky thing.

-Inigo, grimsqueaker
Bio as of 1.21 "A Trip to the Dentist"
All bios: 1.21 1.09

Jonathan Bennett plays Casey Gant.

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