Corny "Douglas"

"Hell yeah. No one's better. I'm what you'd call the master bait."

Shake it up now. Shake it up now. Come on, shake it up now.

Corny is an artist, a stoner, and friend of Veronica's. While every artist likes to experiment with a variety of media, Corny takes it to the extreme and includes things like bongs, explosives, and remote control detonators in his works of art. Dude, where's my custom-made, exploding, non-phallic bong? He also stays cool in the face of police dogs, even with a bag of weed stuffed down his pants. Now that's the kind of stoner we here at admire. Even if his real name is Douglas.

Corny loves and adores Veronica enough to nominate her for Homecoming Queen. As further proof of his adoration, when someone begins robbing the pizza delivery boys, Corny agrees to be Veronica's [removed by the FCC for indecency] bait...hmmm. That kinda gives the lyrics to that song a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

-funky-donut, wyk
Bio as of 2.14 "Versatile Toppings"
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Jonathan Chesner plays Corny "Douglas".

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