Rebecca James

"Can you just tell me, it's a, it's another reason a crappy one. Your being a good father isn't really something I can bitch about to my girlfriends over margaritas."

The school headshrinker counselor, Ms. James briefly dated Keith Mars before he broke up with her. She counselled those close to Lilly Kane after her death (including Veronica and Weevil, who had a particularly violent reaction). Over a year later, she received a grant to study the long-term effects of depression in adolescents, so she dragged those affected by Lilly's murder back to her office, which gave Veronica a nice opportunity to bug it.

Though Ms. James did give Felix advice about trucking (and you can see how well that worked out), she hasn't been seen much since. However, Veronica's recent unusual behavior (sleeping in class, tearing down pictures from a poster) prompted Veronica to be sent to her office, where she told Ms. James about her disturbing dreams about the bus crash victims. Rebecca provided a good sounding board for Veronica's theories, but they ultimately went nowhere.

We wonder if she'll get any more grants to study grief in the wake of the bus crash? Perhaps she'll meet some ex-mental patient and his roommate?

Bio as of 2.18 "I Am God"
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Paula Marshall plays Rebecca James.

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