Mallory Dent

"And remember that we're a multi-cultural school, with a diverse population of students from a wide range of social economic backgrounds."


"Meaning, don't just interview your friends."

Ms. Dent was the new journalism teacher at Neptune High. She was intended to be a cool, inspiring teacher for Veronica to count on. Alas, things didn't turn out as planned and without so much as a goodbye, Ms. Dent was never seen again. (In other words, Rob Thomas eliminated one under-utilized character to make better use of characters more important to the plot.) If you don't remember her, don't fret; not even the most devoted, obsessive fans remember much about her, either. In fact, we almost forgot to include her on this list. Whoops.

Bio as of 1.09 "Drinking the Kool-Aid"
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Sydney Tamiia Poitier plays Mallory Dent.

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