Mallory Dent

"And remember that we're a multi-cultural school, with a diverse population of students from a wide range of social economic backgrounds."


"Meaning, don't just interview your friends."

Ms. Dent was the new journalism teacher at Neptune High. She was intended to be a cool, inspiring teacher for Veronica to count on. Alas, things didn't turn out as planned and without so much as a goodbye, Ms. Dent was never seen again. (In other words, Rob Thomas eliminated one under-utilized character to make better use of characters more important to the plot.) If you don't remember her, don't fret; not even the most devoted, obsessive fans remember much about her, either. In fact, we almost forgot to include her on this list. Whoops.

Breaking news: Miss Dent left Neptune High because she was knocked up. Thank you, Rob Thomas, for tying up that loose end for us. It only took you eleven episodes.

-funky-donut, wyk
Bio as of 1.18 "Weapons of Class Destruction"
All bios: 1.18 1.09 1.02

Sydney Tamiia Poitier plays Mallory Dent.

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