Wallace Fennel

"Well, they got one less guy to torture in hell night."

"Any chance you'd reconsider that? I'm sorry. That's crazy. That's way too much to ask."

"It's not. I can do it."

Excerpts from the To Do List of Wallace Fennel

  • Move to California with Mom and Darrell
  • Get down from the damn flagpole!
  • Make friends with the cute blonde that cut me down from that damn flagpole
    (note: she's a marshmallow, y'all! And she saved me from the PCHers!)
  • Show off my pimp juice in basketball
  • Find out who's making me these awesome snickerdoodles
    (note: It was Veronica! Told you she was a marshmallow!)
  • Try not to have nightmares about Mom and Mr. Mars dating
  • Make that Jackie chick mine all mine
  • Figure out who the creepy dude is that's been hanging around our place
    (note: He's my father. That is crazy.)
  • Got to get away from Mom. Moving to Chicago with "Dad."
  • Kick ass and take names in Chicago
  • Whoa. Was doing well, Rashard messed it all up. Time to go back to Neptune.
  • Get Vee's help in clearing my name after that whole Rashard incident
  • Fall in love with a hot rich girl named Jackie Cook.
    (note: Scratch that: her name was Jackie, but she was actually a teenaged mother. Guess I'm single again, since she's back to New York.)
  • Get a scholarship to Hearst to play some ball and study engineering
  • Be more good-looking than my new roommate
  • Watch while my roommate moons around over Vee. Ick.
  • Study for engineering
    (note: whoops, forgot)
  • Study for engineering
    (note: man, college is crazy)
  • Contact some guy about getting a "study guide" for engineering
    (note: part of that item was NOT to get caught. Crap.)
  • Drop basketball for a while to actually study engineering
    (note: whoo! I did it!)
  • Back to kickin' ass and taking names at hoops
  • Continue to watch Piz moon around over Veronica. Dude has no hope.
  • Decide which Gilmore Girl I am. Man, you know I love the girl, but sometimes I think all I am is Veronica's romantic sounding board.
  • Pick up a hot chick at a bar
  • find a new fake ID
    (note: Sure glad Mr. Mars and Mom aren't talking anymore, otherwise I'd probably be in hot water for that.)
  • Warn Veronica not to break Piz's heart
  • Warn Veronica again not to break Piz's heart
  • Build a model airplane! Fly a model airplane!
  • Figure out who the creepy dude is who's stalking me
  • Figure out what the hell "The Castle" is
  • Beat the ever-loving crap out of Logan for beating up Piz. I've seen him put Veronica through a lot, but this is enough.
    (note: Man, since she won't let me do it, Vee better put him through hell)
  • Help Veronica find out who made that sex tape of her and Piz
  • Infiltrate The Castle
    (note: done, but, OW.)
  • Continue being awesome forever and ever
Bio as of 3.20 "The Bitch Is Back"
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Percy Daggs III plays Wallace Fennel.

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