Mindy O'Dell

"I've known three men in your life, Mrs. O'Dell. Two are dead. The great state of California may see to the third."
"How am I supposed to react to that?"

It wasn't so very long ago that Mindy O'Dell had it all. In addition to being the wife of a loving husband and prominent Hearst College executive, she was also a mother, a step-mother, and a damn fine cook. Oh, and a bit of a philanderer. One might argue that Mrs. O'Dell was merely helping to foster administration/faculty relations by awarding a certain Criminology professor tenure between her legs.

But then the jig was up. Exposed as an adulteress, Mindy was left widowed and penniless when her cuckolded husband's death was ruled a suicide. She turned to the best private dick in town in hopes of uncovering some foul play in her husband's death. Yet she failed to mention that her husband paid her and her clandestine lover a visit, that Cyrus intended to throw her out with nothing thanks to a prenup, and that she was on the scene that night, before Cyrus' fateful date with a bullet.

Dealing with not one but two dead husbands and a lover who was charged with the dean's murder, she had had enough. She sent the kids off to England, cashed the insurance check, and bought a boat for a life free of care. She would have made it too, but for an angry criminology professor who thought she'd framed him. He had the skills to find her, to confront her, and, accidentally or otherwise, to send her over the side to a soggy death. Things never seem to end well for the trophy brides of Neptune, do they?

-Inigo, bethgee
Bio as of 3.15 "Papa's Cabin"
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Jaime Ray Newman plays Mindy O'Dell.

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