Professor David Winkler

"Okay, so remember, this was just a practice quiz, but all this material will be in your next exam. Mr. Fennel. Sixty-seven: D+. That's a real improvement."

David Winkler is the tough Mechanical Engineering professor who failed Wallace on his first two exams, then caught him cheating on the third. After dissing Wallace's standardized test scores, he gives him the option of dropping the class or taking a zero on the third exam and continuing. Wallace chooses to stick it out, and Winkler seems determined to help him pass the course. Or maybe he's a really sadistic guy who wants to see Wallace holed up in the library all semester, missing parties, ignoring his friends, and not playing basketball — and plans to fail him anyway. What a jerk. Maybe.

Bio as of 3.06 "Hi, Infidelity"
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Michael B. Silver plays Professor David Winkler.

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