Fern Delgado

"You girls get all tarted up, go right into the belly of the beast, and drink until you can't say no. You're lucky you didn't end up with a shaved head. You should know better. The Greeks are evil."

With a name like Fern, you expect a pleasant, loving hippie. Like the folks in the Mooncalf Collective, for instance. But this Fern is far from pleasant and loving. Just look at those tattoos! Those nose rings! That knee to Dick's nuts! Gloria Steinem, eat your heart out!

Fern really isn't someone you want to cozy up to, especially if you have any association at all with fraternities or sororities or even humor magazines. She's pretty convinced they're responsible for all the rapes on campus. Of course, we just have her militant hatred to go on here. She may be part of Take Back the Night, but this not-so-delicate Fern is more apt to rip the Night out of your arms.

-alliterator, Polter-Cow
Bio as of 3.03 "Wichita Linebacker"
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Cher Ferreyra plays Fern Delgado.

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