Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic

"Look at this. You're like animals. Somebody's gotta clean this up, you know. But not me. No, they fired me. I guess I'm good enough to drive an armored troop transport truck to Tikrit, but not to polish the floors at Neptune High."

Rest in peace, Lucky.

Lucky was a janitor at Neptune High, his alma mater. Lucky had got one of them ironic nicknames, you know? I mean, he went to college and then had to drop out because his parents filed Chapter 11. Then he got himself into the Army Rangers, only to get sent to Iraq and get a bullet in his bottom. Maybe he could have been considered Lucky that people like Dick Casablancas and Logan Echolls deigned to hang out with him, considering his janitorial status. (Of course, he did buy them beer.) Maybe his near-serious-injury experience in Iraq truly caused a revelation for him, considering the favor he gained with Meg's parents for singing hymns with his eyes closed. Which Lucky was he: the Lucky who went to church with weirdos and was a war hero or the Lucky who hung out with bad boys and got involved in revenge wars against the have-nots of the town?

Maybe he was all of that and more. He was stalking the Goodman family, filming and sending videos creepy enough to cause Woody Goodman to hire private security. He had some kind of grudge against Woody, although for what, we don't know for certain. He apparently didn't realize it wasn't cool to brandish machetes at teenage girls, scaring the heck out of them and getting himself tackled by a protective father for it. For all of the creepiness, he still somehow came off as sweet and just a little confused. He was certainly observant enough to notice the animosity between Sheriff Lamb and Keith, although it would have taken a colossally nonobservant person to miss that.

Lucky was a bit of a mystery.

And now he's dead. Continuing his run of bad luck, he was fired from his job at Neptune High following his arrest. He took that, uh, not well, and terrorized students with a gun loaded with blanks at lunch. After pretending to shoot Wallace, Lucky was gunned down and killed by an armed security guard. Talk about your bad luck. More information continues to come to light: he was fond of wearing his catcher's mask to go on revenge missions; he was caught very creepily washing his feet with bleach while wearing only his catcher's mask and jeans, convinced he had gangrene. He also sent Woody Goodman numerous deranged emails. He's still a mystery, but it becomes more and more clear that his nickname really should have been Unlucky.

Bio as of 2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"
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James Jordan plays Tommy "Lucky" Dohanic.

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