Lianne Mars

"Veronica, I have to leave for a while. I'll be back for you soon. Love always, mom."

The enigmatic Lianne Mars fled the town of Neptune more than a year ago, leaving little more than a frightened note and the shattered hearts of her husband and daughter in her wake.

The questions surrounding Lianne are as numerous as they are pressing. Why did she leave town? Is she being blackmailed, and if so, by whom? Was she having an affair with local billionaire and grieving father Jake Kane, and could Jake possibly be Veronica's biological father? And just where is she getting her hair cut these days, because it's looking pretty good?

When we and Veronica last had the pleasure of meeting Lianne Mars, she somewhat drunkenly informed us that she was in fact in a hotel room with Jake Kane at the supposed time of Lilly's murder, and that she has an alibi to counter those of both Jake and his wife Celeste. She also claims not to know for sure whether Jake Kane or Keith Mars is Veronica's biological father.

Despite the affair, abandonment, and drunkenness, all Veronica wants is for her mom to come home. She even spent her entire college saving on Lianne's rehab to help make that happen.

Lianne's affair eighteen years ago put her daughter's true paternity into jeopardy. Her abandonment over a year ago has shattered their family, and continues to cause a great deal of hurt, anger, and confusion. Will her addiction cost her extremely bright, but financially strapped, daughter her future?

Bio as of 1.16 "Betty and Veronica"
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Corinne Bohrer plays Lianne Mars.

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